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What Makes Us Experts has a small yet highly educated and talented group of digital marketing professionals who combine legal education with a unique level of experience in search engine marketing. Here’s a short list of credentials to corroborate our expertise:

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Website Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Ads Management

Legal Content Writing

What differentiates us from other agencies

There are a number of agencies on the market providing services to legal firms. The best agencies however, have factors that differentiate themselves from the rest. Our firm has nearly a decade of combined experience working with a wide range of law firms of various sizes, from firms with single offices to multi-location firms practicing in various different legal fields.

Several of our clients have seen amazing growth, including more than doubling of organic search traffic. While an increase in traffic itself is not particularly remarkable in the world of SEO, what is impressive is a nearly identical trajectory of conversion growth from this organic traffic. For example, one of our clients, a large multi-practice law firm based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has seen a massive increase in organic traffic to their website, resulting in over a 512% increase in clients over a period of five years.

We have been able to successfully replicate these results with multiple clients over the years, thanks to our experience working inside Google as paid search account managers. By having hands-on experience working with hundreds of various law firms over several years, we have the first hand knowledge and skills that few other legal marketing agencies have to offer. Our clients recognize this, which leads us to have some of the highest retention and loyalty rates in the law firm marketing realm.

Our firm offers a personalized marketing plan created specifically for each client in order to achieve their specific goals. While the overall goal of most law firm marketing is to bring in more clients as a whole, how that actually looks for each client can be different. This is especially true in certain regions with changes or new laws coming about that present new opportunities and challenges for firms. With a tailored marketing strategy instead of a cookie cutter plan, results and performance is maximized for each client. 

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Our Vision

As legal marketing experts, we don’t see our clients as “customers” but rather long term business relationships. We take a lot of pride in our work and are very serious about maximizing the results for each project. It is important for us to find clients who share this vision for long term growth, as it ensures the investment on both sides lives up to its full potential as a mutually beneficial business partnership. While certain aspects of digital marketing give almost immediate results, other parts take months to see tangible results. We are upfront about this from the beginning with clients, which ensures that everyone is on the same page as the beginning of the marketing plan plays out. Once this groundwork foundationary stage is complete, marketing efforts are scalable and the real benefits of a solid SEO strategy can be recognized.