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Who We Are

In today’s digital world, there are thousands of people claiming to be “experts” in SEO. Many are eager to make promises, collect a retainer fee, and deliver marginal results while showing fancy graphs and arbitrary statistics. That is not us.

Our marketing strategy has one primary focus in mind; winning for our clients against all competition.

We know what it takes to dominate the top of search engines for highly competitive searches. This includes keywords for personal injury, medical malpractice, probate litigation, and other searches that top attorneys in your state are constantly jockeying for.

Our company operates with a small hand-picked team of seasoned web developers, professional writers, and SEO experts that have years of prior experience working for Google. We boldly consider ourselves the “special forces” of SEO and have results to prove it.

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Legal Marketing Experts formed in 2018 and originally started as an advertising agency specializing in Google Ads/SEO. Founder and president of our company, Kevin Kohlert, has an extensive background working in digital marketing, specifically in paid search, organic search engine marketing as well as web design. From a young age, Kevin always wanted to be the best at his main passion in life. For many years, he satisfied this as a professional gamer, being part of one of the highest ranking teams globally.

After accepting his position as an Account Strategist at Google, he transitioned this energy into his career, making digital marketing his primary focus in life. Climbing up the ladder on Google’s sales teams, he became one of the top strategists for a process specializing in small to medium size business growth, a market segment very much inline with the clientele now served by Legal Marketing Experts. Recognizing a need for high quality Google Ads and SEO management in the agency realm, Kevin decided to take a leap of faith and branch out on his own.

Our company grew quickly thanks to the high quality results clients saw, which led to the hiring of both Adam Montville and Michael Daugherty to handle both an increase in clients and the ever changing digital marketing world. Both Adam and Michael worked with Kevin at Google as account strategists, and brought with them nearly a decade of experience combined in industry leading paid and organic search expertise.

Meet Our Team

Kevin Kohlert

President & Founder

Adam Montville

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Daugherty

Creative Director

Lori Samuelson

Web Development & Visual Design